Ryan Lammie has been collecting contemporary, local art from Pittsburgh-based artists over the last 5 years. Lammie has grown his collection through Studio Direct (Seth Clark, Laurie Trok), artist-to-artist trades, direct studio sales, and traditional gallery sales and auctions.

Artists found in the collection include:

Copeland, Ron

Earnest, Jamie

Ferrel, Danny

Halpern, Gregory

Henry, Ryder

Kersenvich, Stephen

Kofmehl, Bill

Kuhns, Hans Peter

LeDonne, Seth

Meridian, Jennifer (Nagle-Myers)

Morrisey, Alexi

Nhamo, Lucia

Rehavia, Dafna

Reidy, Dan

Romano, Clare

Savvy, Taylor

Schuler, Janice

Siegel, Blaine

Stone, Todd

Summanen, Grace

Trok, Laurie

Valdez, Aldrin

Walker, Naomi

Weissberger, Barbara